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Actions Still Have Consequences

June 22nd, 2011 by Alex | No Comments | Filed in NFGA, Politics, Second Amendment

Once, long ago, at the start of our beloved and benevolent leader’s reign, his most trusted thug Rohm Emanuel famously stated, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” And thanks to the criminal ineptitude of the Obama administration it’s time to remind the Republicans in Congress of that fact.

Desperate to push their radical anti-gun agenda but lacking an opportune crisis, the Obama administration decided to manufacture one. And despite the desperate attempts by the anointed one’s henchmen to hide the truth, the criminal secrets behind the administration’s Project Gunrunner are coming to light.

Thanks to an ongoing Congressional investigation the truth of Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious is now coming to light. That the Obama administration has actively aided and abetted in the criminal smuggling of over 2000 illegally purchased firearms into Mexico by the Mexican drug cartels. That key Obama administration officials knowingly approved Project Gunrunner, that ATF Director Ken Melson knew, that Attorney General Eric Holder knew, that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano knew. That Attorney General Eric Holder knowingly lied to Congress concerning Project Gunrunner.

And we now know that the Obama administration did all this for purely political gain. While knowingly aiding and abetting criminal activity the administration fabricated their now famous 90 percent lie, claiming that 90 percent of all firearms used by the Mexican drug cartels came from domestic gun shops and gun shows. However the real numbers show something quite different.

Mexican authorities have already confiscated 305,424 firearms from the drug cartels, of those only about 6000 have been successfully traced, and of those only 5,114 were traced to American sources. I guess it’s hard to manufacture a crisis that would justify implementation of Obama’s extreme anti-gun agenda when only 1.7 percent of all the firearms in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels actually originated from the United States.

The Obama administration knows it’s always better to wait for an opportunistic crisis to push his radical agenda for America, or if one’s not handy to manufacture one. And what does it matter when this inevitably costs the lives of a few Border Patrol Agents, after all so long as helps promote the agenda.

The only question remains, how much did Barack Obama know and when did he know it…

Alex’s Suggested Reading

Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World! by Andrew Breitbart. How the liberal mainstream media intentionally slants the news.

Update: Project Gunrunner, an Obama administration PR OP? Starting to look that way…

By Royal Decree

May 26th, 2011 by Alex | No Comments | Filed in NFGA, Politics, Second Amendment

What do the following actions have in common?

  1. A proposed ban on the importation of self-defense shotguns.
  2. New reporting requirements for multiple rifle sales.
  3. An undercover BATF operation, “Project Gunrunner”, to actively smuggle firearms across the border to Mexican gang members.
  4. A ban on the re-importation of M1 rifles from Korea.
  5. A proposal to block firearm purchases for those on the terrorist watch list.
  6. “Restructuring” regulations that currently require the FBI destroy firearm-purchase records after 90 days.
  7. Closing the gun show “loophole” through “restructured” regulation.

These are all infringements of your gun rights that the Obama administration is actively considering to bypass Congress and enact our glorious leader’s gun control agenda purely through executive and bureaucratic actions alone.

The Department of Justice is reportedly holding meetings with anti-gun advocacy groups to discuss the White House’s options for enacting regulations on its own or through adjoining agencies and departments. “Administration officials said talk of executive orders or agency action are among a host of options that President Barack Obama and his advisers are considering.”

In a meeting with Sarah Brady president Obama reassured her that his administration has no intention of abandoning its radical anti-gun agenda, Obama said, “I just want you to know that we are working on it. We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”

So much for this administrations vaulted promise of open transparency, sounds more like rule by royal decree.

Alex’s Suggested Reading

Rules for Radical Conservatives: Beating the Left at Its Own Game to Take Back America by David Kahane. How conservatives can use the liberal left’s own tactics to defeat them.

Update: This from Fox News.

Post It

May 1st, 2011 by Alex | No Comments | Filed in First Amendment, Politics

So simple, yet so effective…

Of Rights and Of Needs

February 20th, 2011 by Alex | No Comments | Filed in NFGA, Politics, Second Amendment

Of Rights, at the time of writing this column two separate bills both intended to reform firearms right-to-carry in New Hampshire are working their way through the state house, House Bill 330 and House Bill 536. And while there are significant differences between these two bills, at their core, both bills remove the permit requirement for the legal carrying of a concealed weapon in New Hampshire while retaining the shall issue permit system for those who wish to carry in states that honor reciprocity with New Hampshire.

Personally I’d prefer to see HB536, the Constitutional Carry Act of 2011, become law since it clearly spells out the penalties overzealous anti-gun public officials would face if convicted of violating a citizens rights. However, even the more conservative HB330, relative to carrying firearms, clearly states that the government cannot restrict firearm carry, “openly or concealed, loaded or unloaded, on or about their person or upon or in a vehicle.” And while the usual anti-gun anti-freedom Democrat Socialists and their willing media partners in crime are already shrilly warning that blood will be running in the streets, as usual they never seem to provide proof to back up their ludicrous warnings of impending doom. So, as a conservative gun owner and life-long supporter of our inalienable Second Amendment guaranteed rights, I will be extremely happy to see either and especially both of these two bills become law, both move our state closer back toward to the intent of our founding fathers.

Of Needs, our ruling class, the promoters of the liberal utopian nanny state love to lecture the rest of us, the surfs, concerning just about every aspect of our personal choices that they disagree with. The way these self-righteous elites incessantly tell us how to live our lives one might almost begin to believe they actually have that right but they don’t and hopefully so long as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights remain the law of the land they never will. In order to justify their unwanted intrusion in everyone’s lives they’ve used the excuse “why would anyone need…”, “why would anyone need a SUV”, “why would anyone need to keep their house at 70 degrees”, “why would anyone need a house that large”, and most importantly as gun owners, “why would anyone need a 30 round magazine?” So, exactly who has the right to decide what you as a citizen actually need?

Of course, on their inevitable march toward their perfect utopian vision our ruling class will need to dumb down the surfs until they no longer understand any of the following:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

“The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The first quote is from the Declaration of Independence, the last two, from the Bill of Rights, amendments nine and ten. Oddly enough, if you search the Constitution’s text you will not find the word “need.” Of course, our ruling class masters have always preferred Karl Marx:

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”

Never letting a tragedy go to waste

January 23rd, 2011 by Alex | No Comments | Filed in NFGA, Politics, Second Amendment

Like Barak Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel who was famously quote saying, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste and what I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before,” the usual antigun suspects politicians were already screaming for new firearms restrictions before the first shooting victim in Tuscan reached the hospital.

Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) acted quickly and introduced H.R.308, “The Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act” that would re-impose the ban on the sale of ammunition magazines that hold 10 or more rounds of ammunition. Of course, she introduces this kind of legislation in every congressional session to placate her anti-gun supporters and to insure the steady flow of Bandy Bunch cash into her reelection coffers. Unfortunately, this year we’ll need to keep the heat on our Congressional Representatives because H.R.308 already has 57 cosponsors, all liberal Democrats.

Proving that the Democrats aren’t the only ones drinking the antigun cool aid, Representative Peter King (Rino-NY) proposed to ban possession of firearms within 1,000 feet of the President, Vice President, Members of Congress or federal judges. And Representative Laura Richardson (D-CA) actually introduced H.R.367, “The Freedom to Serve Without Fear Act of 2011” which would make it unlawful to knowingly carry a firearm within 250 the entrance of any building where a member of congress is performing an official or campaign activity, or within 500 feet of any place where the person knows that a member of congress is performing an official or campaign activity.

Personally, I kind of like Representative King’s proposal although if it becomes law I’d like to see New Hampshire pass a similar law, before the primary season begins, one that bans the President, Vice President, Members of Congress or federal judges from coming within 1001 feet of any New Hampshire gun owner.

Alex’s Suggested Reading

The 21st Century Sniper: A Complete Practical Guide by Brandon Webb. The modern day sniping tactics being employed by Navy SEALs in Iraq and Afghanistan written by the man who ran the Navy SEAL sniper course.

Understanding Firearms Ballistics by Robert Rinker. What everyone who uses a rifle needs to understand in order to become a better shot.

For the Children

December 24th, 2010 by Alex | No Comments | Filed in NFGA, Politics, Second Amendment

One of the easiest things about writing this column is the always dependable stupidity of the liberal anti-gun utopians. After suffering a string of crippling legal setbacks in the courts and after watching the liberal ideologue dominated 111th Congress and White House fail to pass even a single piece of anti-gun legislation you’d think the Brady Bunch would at least attempt to find a few fresh excuses to ban guns but it appears that mindlessly repeating the same old worn out talking points has further impaired their already limited cognitive abilities. So, just in time for the Christmas season, it’s once again time for that the old anti-gun totalitarian classic, “Do it for the children.”

From the December 19th Boston Globe article, “Disarming the toy box”, “Prodded by Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch, who wore a fuzzy Santa hat, the children stared curiously as the Bash-O-Matic mashed up their guns and digested them into a plastic bin near its tail… In exchange for their toy guns, all the children received wrapped presents that were indisputably not violent — dolls, stuffed animals, and board games like checkers.

Of course, it always helps to enlist the experts like Dr. Helen Minciotti whose article, “Even with precautions, guns in homes with kids pose a danger” was published on the same day in Chicago’s Daily Herald, “Pediatric safety advocates point out that while safe firearm storage practices and educational efforts are important, they are still second best to the most effective gun strategy out there: keeping guns entirely out of homes with children.”

I can already channel Chuck Schumer’s liberty loathing thoughts, “There ought to be a law…

Well enough dwelling on unhappy thoughts it’s Christmas! So here’s to finding that new rifle or pistol under the tree on Christmas morning and wishing everyone at Nashua Fish and Game a safe and joyous holiday season.

Common Sense

December 3rd, 2010 by Alex | No Comments | Filed in Politics

Rush Limbaugh had a caller today that had one of the clearest understanding of the meaning of wealth v. money…

Wealth is generated when people go to work and provide a good or service to each other.”

Money is just what exchanges hands. It’s a claim on labor. And when the marketplace won’t support the goods or the services, if nobody’s there to buy them, then the economy doesn’t grow. It’s that simple.”

As a business owner, one who provides specialized software consulting, I want nothing more then to hire additional employees and grow my business. Frankly, I want to succeed. So, one has to ask, why does the Obama administration want me to fail?

Despotism Made Easy

November 30th, 2010 by Alex | No Comments | Filed in Politics

Obama’s Play Book by another enemy of the state, Brad Lena.

Holiday Economic Stimulus

November 20th, 2010 by Alex | No Comments | Filed in Humor, NFGA, Politics, Second Amendment

Just in time for this year’s holiday shopping season our glorious and benevolent supreme leader, Barak Hussein Obama, has wisely chosen to nominate Andrew Traver to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

A self-proclaimed anti-gun zealot, Traver, while serving as the Agent in charge of Chicago’s BATFE office, called for the reinstitution of the expired Clinton ear assault weapon ban, a ban on .50 caliber rifles, the outlawing of gun shows and supported a repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment that restricts non-law enforcement access to BATFE firearms trace data. Traver also served as an “adviser” to the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s Gun Violence Reduction Project that, with the help of the Joyce Foundation, continued to promote a wide variety of already discredited anti-gun legislation.

It’s appears that Obama, in a thinly veiled attempt to further promote holiday gun and ammunition sales, will give Traver a recess appointment after Congress adjourns. And while it’s unlikely that Traver’s nomination, with his prominent anti-gun history would survive a later Senate confirmation hearing, Traver’s nomination should help to improve Obama’s badly tarnished standing with his rabid anti-gun base without actually accomplishing anything of substance.

Reacting to the sudden upsurge in holiday firearms purchasing caused by our glorious leader’s announcement of the Traver nomination Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and well known promoter of responsible firearms ownership, stated “this long-needed appointment is welcome news.”

A spokesman for the firearms retail association, who wished to remain anonymous, commented that the Traver nomination was just another example of our glorious leader’s ill considered attempts to simulate to economy one that would only further exacerbate the firearms industry’s problems in meeting the growing public demand for firearms and ammunition. Sadly, he predicted, “there’s going to be quite a few disappointed people on Christmas morning. There simply isn’t going to be enough guns and ammunition to go around…”

Alex’s Suggested Reading

American Rifle, a Biography by Alexander Rose. Discover the hidden connections between the rifle’s development and our nation’s history.

Give Us Liberty by Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe. Lower taxes and less government equals more freedom. What’s not to like unless you’re a liberal.

Technical Difficulties

November 2nd, 2010 by Alex | No Comments | Filed in Politics, Space

While several states have claimed that technical difficulties caused them to deny soldiers serving overseas their right to vote in the mid-term elections it seems that even NASA managed to successfully secure our astronauts their Constitutionally protected right to vote.

Smells like more “Hope and Change” to me…