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The Restoration of Government Trust, a Transparacy and Integrity Act

August 26th, 2010 by Alex | Filed under Politics.

Frank Fleming, over at Pajamas Media, has some interesting suggestions on how we the people should properly treat our congressmen. I partially liked the idea that they all should be wearing those electronic ankle bracelets but have to disagree when it comes to having our congressmen monitored by the FBI. After all, why waste the taxpayer’s money when there’s a more poetic and fitting solution available?

I’d like to suggest “The Restoration of Government Trust, a Transparency and Integrity Act”. This act would immediately strip not just congressmen but all government officials of any pretense of privacy along with their fourth and fifth amendment protections, and to create a new independent government agency, perhaps one reporting the supreme court, that would be tasked with creating and to begin continuously updating a permanent and publicly accessible database containing everything known about all our government officials and their activities within 30 days, and with all existing government agencies required by law to feed all available information into this database.

And unlike Frank’s original proposal, the primary users of this database would be the people, although the FBI would be welcome to use the information as well. I believe we’d quickly see individuals as well as non-government organizations mining this data for anything they could use to discredit and destroy those who stand in the way of their legislative or bureaucratic agenda and to punish those who fail to follow through on their promises to enact agenda items.

Some suggestions for what to load into the initial data set would include

  • Legislative history, bills written, bills sponsored, amendments offered, voting history
  • All bureaucratic regulations written or enforced
  • All e-mail, phone logs, office documents, citizen correspondence, requests for information
  • Campaign financial records, including a complete list of all donations and donors
  • Personal financial, criminal, medical, educational and military records

Then, within the following 6 months, this database must be expanded to include full 24/7 video, audio and GPS coverage of all high ranking government officials and their activities.

Once completed and online, future requests by individuals or NGOs for the inclusion of additional data must be publicly disclosed and openly reviewed within 30 days with only the most unreasonable requests refused. Also, any data once deemed appropriate for inclusion in the data set can never be purged or removed.

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